Do You Need a Mold Removal Company?

Major floods, particularly if they’re not remediated quickly and properly, are one of the biggest causes of mold outbreaks in homes and businesses. However, even a slow leak that’s been dripping for some time without being discovered may easily lead to the growth of a large mold colony, which can be dangerous to anyone and is particularly hazardous to those with chronic illnesses. And unfortunately, you can’t remove mold by yourself, even with strong bleach.

During the course of our water and fire damage restoration services, we’ll always check to make sure mold hasn’t grown as a result of flooding or water trapped after firefighting efforts. However, if you find pooled water, rotted wood or soaked particleboard caused by a previously unnoticed small leak or foundation break, or even if you smell what you think might be mold, it’s always a good idea to call HCF Restoration for a free, no-obligation mold inspection. We’ll be happy to do visual inspections and take sophisticated measurements to look for any existing colonies, and let you know our findings without any charge.

If we do find mold in your business or home, with your approval we’ll put on our protective masks and goggles and completely close off the infested area, and make sure that the water or moisture source feeding the colony is cut off. Then we’ll treat the mold with specialized chemicals and remove any contaminated materials which can’t be saved. During and after the entire mold remediation process, the area will be ventilated with federally-approved HEPA filters, fully removing all mold spores and particles from the air. Once we’ve tested again to ensure that the area is safe and the mold is gone, we’ll work with you on the details of repairing or replacing any materials which had to be removed.

Mold is a serious issue which can compromise the immune system, so it’s important to call HCF Restoration as soon as you suspect there’s a problem. We’re staffed 24 hours a day, so we’re always at your service.

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